Sangalli s.r.l. is an italian company with more than a hundred years of experience in the production in the naturopathic field. The result is a line of herbal preparations using exclusively natural active principles, free of preservatives and colourings. Our products are all manufactured under GMP standard with full Ministry of Health certification and are tested in independent professional labs for stability, microbiology and active ingredients.

ForteNatura ToBios

Herbal syrups for infants and children

The ToBios line consists of 4 specific preparations based on honey, propolis, royal jelly and herbal extracts coming from organically grown crops and acting in synergy.

ToBios syrups have an agreeable taste, making them pleasant for everybody. Easy to administer to infants and children.



Nutritional imbalance, tiredness, lethargy

Based on Royal Jelly and plant extracts from Fenugreek, Rose Hip and Oats, Tobios ENERGIA is ideal for compensating an unbalanced diet, strengthens the body and provides energy. Ideal when you’re feeling lethargic and tired, have lost your appetite or need high levels of attention.



Restoring sleep, hyperactivity

Based on Eschscholtzia Californica, Lemon Balm and Lime, ToBios CALMA encourages natural rest for the body, favouring relaxation. Also suitable for hyperactive kids.



Defence against coughs and colds

Based on Propolis, Echinacea, Willow and Elderberry, ToBios DIFESA is your perfect ally to combat those seasonal disorders and to boost your body’s natural immunity.


ToBios TUX

Relief and well–being for the respiratory tract

Based on Propolis, Grindelia, Mallow and Lime, ToBios TUX immediately helps fight irritation in the respiratory tract caused by coughs. Protects and unblocks the nose and throat.

ForteNatura Propolis

A new range of organic products based on Propolis

These products are the result of research works to find a natural way to integrate the everyday nutrition to better support and strengthen the natural defences of the body against seasonal diseases. These products are prepared only with organic Propolis of Italian origin (certificated by Controllo Biologico®) and organic plants extracts; no preservatives or colours are added to guarantee a 100% natural product, suitable to everybody.

The Propolis is an apiary’s product, collected by special bees and used as powerful antibacterial substance to disinfect their apiary. This antibacterial function is well known and used since a long time.

BIO PROPOLIS spray for the throat


Gives immediately relief in case of inflammation of throat. Very easy to use thanks to the adjustable small beak; pleasant flavour.

Ingredients Syrup of Rice glucose*, Propolis extract* (alcohol, water, Propolis 25%) 20%, water, Grindelia robusta flowers extracted fluid* 4%, Malva sylvestris leaves extracted fluid* 4%, Tilia platyphyllos et cordata inflorescence extracted fluid* 2%, Menta piperita essential oil* 0,15%.

BIO PROPOLIS extract 25%


It is the classic natural remedy with a very high propolis concentration, necessary during the winter season.

Ingredients Alcohol*, water, Propolis* 25%.



Protective effect for the mucosal respiratory tract. Thank to the high concentration of active ingredients, it’s a very useful syrup for everyone against seasonal diseases.

Ingredients Syrup of Rice glucose*, Propolis extract* (alcohol, water, Propolis 25%) 5%, natural flavour*.

* ingredients from organic agriculture

ForteNatura Kräuteröl 31

The original herb oil

KRAEUTEROEL-31-ForteNatura-dxFor external use only.

For body massage before and after physical activity, balsamic, relaxing effect, against articular pains, to remove dandruff, refreshing for feet, ideal for fumigation or to scent the environment, softening after shaving.

Precious ingredients 31 concentrated essential oils naturally extracted from plants, berries and roots, according to an ancient Swiss formula.

Use Some drops over the fronthead in case of headache, or over the body for the massage, few drops in boiling hot water, or into a container to humidify the environment.

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